Stop feeling bad about your birth!

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Stop feeling bad about your birth and start reaching out to others. You may be surprised to find that you are not alone.

My Missed Trip to Paris: A Second C-Section

23 Oct

Maybe the title of my post isn’t accurate, since I never actually attempted the VBAC. I had been beaten down by judgmental moms and misinformed online birthing groups that I had to try for the glorious VBAC, you know, the one where they hand you the Mother of the Century Award right after the baby [...]

Coming Home to the Hospital

01 Jul

I’m not exactly sure what I was looking for when I walked through the doors of Labor and Delivery. My son had a very questionable biophysical profile that afternoon, I had a history of precipitous labor and a snowstorm was coming. Both my doctor and I agreed that it was time for him to be [...]

My Awesome Scheduled C-section

27 Jun

I loved my scheduled c-section. Last summer, at 38 weeks and sick with severe pregnancy induced hypertension, I walked into the hospital at 7:00 am for registration and check-in, and two hours later, after an easy and painless surgery, my beautiful daughter was born. The doctors and surgical team were light hearted and everyone was [...]

Nothing Beautiful about Birth

26 Jun

A friend told me that birth was the most beautiful experience, amazing and life changing. She was a natural birth advocate, had her child at home in a birthing pool, and then left the placenta attached. (Lotus Birth). She advised me all the way through my pregnancy, tried talking me out of pre natal care, [...]

My Favorite Birth

05 Jun

I walked into the hospital on a cool afternoon late in May. My bag was packed, my membranes had been ruptured for almost two hours, and my baby’s head was firmly lodged in my ribs where it had stubbornly remained for the latter half of my pregnancy despite an attempted version and all the woo [...]

The Birth of My Sofie

03 Jun

11/11/11 *Disclaimer this is not a natural birth story but it is mine and I have found beauty in it regardless of how my Sofie came into this world and I hope you can too*(This disclaimer was added because my story wasn’t natural enough for my CNM’s birth center website) I had an appointment on [...]